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What We Do

Since opening our doors in May of 1958, the Home has continued its sacred mission to provide the elderly with a home-away-from-home where they can live out their “golden years” with love, dignity, and quality of care in a Greek Orthodox environment. Our number one priority is ensuring that our residents experience the highest quality of life possible – spiritually, physically and emotionally. Truly, it is a unique facility offering quality care in a loving environment where our residents are cared for as “family members” and are accorded not only the appropriate care they need but also the respect and love of the entire staff.

What Our Residents Do

At the Home we strive to make sure all the needs of our residents are met which includes creating a stimulating environment. Some of the activities include cultural events for the residents' participation and enjoyment. There is always something to do, from making koulourakia, to playing tavli, and various arts & crafts. The residents are also encouraged to participate in trips to the theater, restaurants and shopping stores. The calendar of events is planned to encourage independence and active life style.

Respite Care

What is Respite Care?
Respite care is short-term care given to an elderly person to allow for temporary relief for a family member or friend who serves as the caregiver. The availability of respite care can be very beneficial to families and caregivers as it can provide scheduled, short-term care in our facility on a temporary basis while the caregiver is traveling, recovering from illness or surgery, or otherwise unable to provide care.

Who benefits?
Both the caregiver and individual benefit from this service. Caregivers dedicate their lives, personal time and needs to care for their loved ones as it is a 24 hour a day commitment. This leaves the caregiver with little or no time at all for their own personal needs and relaxation. With the caregiver now having the respite they need they will return rested and better able to provide care for their loved one.

For the elderly individual, respite care at St. Michael’s means time for them to interact with individuals with the same cultural upbringing and life experiences. They can enjoy activities with others that they may not be receiving in their homes, such as a game of tavli or even something as simple as reminiscing about their childhoods.

Why we are now providing Respite Care?
The Home wants to lend a helping hand to those families who need assistance with their loved ones. We have received approval from the New York Department of Health to offer respite care. The goal of respite care is to provide scheduled, short-term relief for the caregivers while still providing a high level of personalized care for the individual. This allows the family time to re-energize, find pleasure in their lives, and become more socially engaged. For many families, respite care is also an opportunity for their loved one to transition into adult living placement.

What will be provided in this service?
St. Michael’s will supply everything for those interested in this service including but not limited to a furnished room, medications administered to those needing assistance, a full meal program, both cultural and exercise activities, daily linen and housekeeping services, and personal care assistance (as needed).

Where to find more information?
The staff of St. Michael’s invites you to visit the facility for a tour and for more information about residency. Private and semi-private rooms are available. Please contact the Administrator at 914-476-3374 for more information or to arrange for an assessment of your needs or those of a family member.

When are there availabilities?
To learn more about the availability of respite care, particularly during the upcoming holiday season, please call St. Michael's Home at 914-476-3374.

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