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New Uniondale Site

Expansion & Relocation Overview

VISION: To meet the ever-increasing needs & numbers of elderly, St. Michael’s has embarked upon an ambitious relocation and expansion project on an 11-acre site which houses a 100,000 sq. ft structure.   Having finally received the necessary permission from the Dept. of Health in November 2020, construction began in January 2021, albeit at a slow pace to allow additional fund-raising which had been impeded by the pandemic and other external factors.  As of June 30th, the project is over 70% complete with all exterior work (brickwork, roofing, windows, stuccoing, etc.) completed. All interior spaces have been partitioned and the installation of HVAC, plumbing and electrical work has progressed and is nearing completion.


This magnificent state-of-the-art continuum care facility will be able to accommodate over 150 residents.  Various DOH licenses (some of which have already been secured) will permit the facility to offer progressively higher levels of care which will eliminate the need for any resident to leave for another institution.  Moreover, the Home will be able to accept applicants not eligible for admission at the Yonkers facility as their care-needs exceed those permitted by DOH.  


Included in the renovated structure will be: independent living one-bedroom & studio apartments; studio bedrooms for independent and various levels of assisted living; a secure Memory Care Wing for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as a Greek Orthodox Chapel, Physical Therapy Room, Gym. Beauty Salon, Taverna, Coffee Lounge and a myriad of other beautiful ancillary spaces, amenities and services expected in this day and age to provide an attractive and nurturing environment for all residents.


COST: The cost of this monumental project is approximately $55,000,000 (historic inflation added $7 million to the original cost) with over $42,500,000 already pledged, most of which have been fulfilled thus enabling construction to continue.  A $10,000,000 construction loan is in place to complete the last stage of construction but before accessing the loan, the Home needs to bridge a funding gap of around $6,000,000.  The hope is that those who have not yet participated in the Capital Campaign will do so as soon as possible.  Once the loan is accessed, the project can be completed in 7-8 months.


NEED: The elderly, 80 years and older, represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, growing 4 times faster than other age groups.  As more and more people live longer, their needs due to diminished health and mobility and/or cognitive acuity coupled with changing family dynamics will exponentially increase the demand for facilities such as the new St. Michael’s. Certainly, the Church and community have a sacred obligation to provide our seniors who represent this fastest growing segment of our population with an “elder care facility” offering a loving Greek Orthodox environment in which they can receive ALL the assistance and levels of care they may need at this point in their life, especially religious, cultural and emotion support.  St. Michael’s is most proud and thankful that the facility did lose any resident to COVID, a testimony to the quality of care it offers.  Contingent on the availability of resources to keep construction moving, the new facility could open in 2025.

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