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The admission process requires the submission of a completed application form along with a medical evaluation from the applicant’s physician and two recent photos. To assure compliance with State requirements, the Home has an admission policy. This policy requires that each applicant be examined by a physician at St. Michael’s to determine if a candidate is appropriate for admission and that the Home is able to offer the necessary care. Without this physician’s verification, the facility cannot accept any applicant. Pending this approval, an admission date will be scheduled. ONLY in extenuating circumstances will an applicant be admitted the same day as the aforementioned examination. Before that time, the applicant or their representative will receive a booklet which includes pertinent information about admission.

If you are interested in becoming a Resident of St. Michael’s Home, please click the Admission Application Packet button below and complete:

Please email your completed Admission Application to If you prefer for us to mail you an application packet or to schedule a tour of the facility, please call us at 914-476-3374 or email us at

The applicant at NO time will be asked to turn over his/her assets to the Home. On the first of every month, the resident submits the monthly Boarding Fee as established by the level of accommodation selected upon admission (private bedroom with bath, private bedroom with use of common bath and semi-private bedroom with use of common bath). Regardless of level, all residents receive the same high level of care and personal attention.

If an applicant is truly unable to provide the designated boarding fee, as a philanthropic institution, the Home if possible will subsidize their stay.  As part of that consideration, the applicant or his/her representative will have to substantiate the need for that  accommodation including the submission of at least 2 years of tax returns and other documentation.

Accommodations & Financing

The Home is located in a bucolic suburb north of New York City (about 20 minutes from the heart of Manhattan) and the three-level building encompasses: private and semi-private bedrooms accommodating almost 60 senior citizens; a magnificent chapel which comfortably seats 70 people; a beautiful dining room with french doors leading onto a patio; a modern medical room; a spacious social/recreation hall; a beauty salon; an arts and crafts room and other accommodations needed for the quality care of residents.


Three balanced meals (and two snacks) are provided as well as all furnishings (twin size bed, free-standing closet, four drawer dresser, night stand, lamp) and linens and towels. All rooms are equipped with a “call button” should a resident need immediate assistance, and the facility contains a state-of-the-art WanderGuard system which alerts the staff should any “unauthorized” resident exit the facility.

St. Michael’s strives to maintain the independence and dignity of its residents who may have reduced powers of mobility or of mental awareness. All able residents have complete freedom to come and go as they please and the Home encourages all residents to maintain their normal relationships with family and friends.

St. Michael’s offers the following types of accommodations:

  • Private bedroom with private bath at $4,100 monthly.

  • Private bedroom with use of common bathrooms at $3,000-$3,400 monthly.

  • Shared bedroom (2 residents per room) with use of common bathrooms $2,400 monthly.

Each resident’s room is charmingly decorated and furnished with double or single beds, a standing closet, dresser, and nightstand as well as linens and towels. The open, airy common areas of the Home are open for use by all residents.

St. Michael’s offers residents a magnificent chapel where they have the opportunity to worship in a traditional Greek Orthodox setting, a beautifully appointed dining room, spacious recreation and TV rooms, a modern medical facility, a fully equipped beauty salon and other accommodations needed for the quality care of our residents.

In addition to housing, the Home also provides:

  • Attentive staff on duty at all times

  • Weekly visits by physicians, beauticians, and other caregivers

  • 3 balanced meals plus 2 snacks a day, which are prepared under the supervision of a certified nutritionist

  • Regular worship services

  • Personal laundry and housekeeping services

  • Personal hygienic assistance (bathing & dressing)

  • Holistic supervised program of recreational activities

  • Companionship with individuals of their own age, ethnic and religious backgrounds



A non-profit institution, St. Michael’s does not receive any subsidies from any governmental agencies or from the Archdiocese. Since its opening over 50 years ago, the Home has been self-sufficient and depends on the boarding fees its residents are able to offer as well as donations received from its many friends, In 2009, over one-third of the Home’s $1,750,000 expenses were covered by contributions and truly, the quality of life for residents would be greatly diminished without this critical source of income.

To assure a steady source of income, the Home recently established an Endowment Fund in which the principal will remain intact and a portion of the interest will be used to underwrite those programs necessary to provide quality care.

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