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Project Status



As of October 2023, the project is about 70% complete and most of the exterior work on the structure has been completed. Within the next few weeks, the building will be completely enclosed with doors/windows being installed at this time.   Interior work proceeds albeit at a slow pace relative to the resources on-hand.  Metal partitioning has been completed, electrical work and plumbing is proceeding and as funds become available, sheet-rocking will begin.

To date, almost $40,000,000 has been pledged/collected.  Initially the expansion was projected to cost $48,000,000, but historic inflation increased that amount by another $6,000,000-$7,000,000. A $10,000,000 construction loan is in place but cannot be accessed UNTIL we bridge the gap between the last $10,000,000 needed to complete the necessary work to be able to open the facility, and the funds already committed.  Once we have secured these funds and are thus eligible to access the loan, work will accelerate on the project and construction can be completed in 6-8 months! 

This magnificent new facility is so close to being completed and yet cannot because of this shortfall which is relatively small in relation to the almost $40,000,000 which has been raised.  Hopefully those who have not yet participated in the Capital Campaign will do so and help complete the project. NOW is the time for those who have not yet participated in the Capital Campaign to generously support the expansion and help bring about its realization which will impact the lives of so many. 

March 2023 Construction Update


As of this month, construction is over 50% complete and there are anywhere from 50-75 workers on the site every day.   On the exterior of the building, stucco application has been mostly completed with a majority of windows installed.   Concrete sidewalks are being poured and roadways and parking lots asphalted. The glass for the facade of the structure will be delivered the beginning of May, and in June the mosaic of the Archangel Michael will be installed over the main entrance.   

 On the interior, partitions are going up between the various rooms/spaces and sheet rocking has begun now that wiring and piping has been pretty much completed.


September 2022 Construction Update

As a result of the very generous support of our benefactors, construction has dramatically accelerated and manpower on the Uniondale site has more than quadrupled the last few months.  This exciting project which will impact the lives of so many is now moving forward full speed ahead.  God willing this magnificent state-of-the-art continuum care facility will be substantially completed within the next 18 months. 

Demolition, abatement, site utilities, concrete curbs, concrete slabs, structural steel, underground utilities, elevator shafts, and east wing roofing work are for the most part completed.  Currently, the window framing, east wing’s drywall framing on the 2nd floor, west wing roofing, and east wing stucco work is in progress.  Prior to the stucco work, the exterior waterproofing agent is being applied to all brick facades, and glass, door frames and roofing materials are now on site.  Hopefully, the building envelope will be watertight prior to the arrival of winter weather. 

Our building committee is diligently working to deal with supply line issues but more importantly with inflation which is impacting the construction industry with supplies increasing in price by 10% - 15%.  Needless to say, this impacts our project and the continued generous support of the community is critically needed to complete the new Home in a timely fashion.  

If you have not already participated in the Capital Campaign with a generous contribution or if you have already made a donation and now wish to help deal with inflation by making an additional contribution, please go to the How TO GIVE link on this site.  Also featured on the site are remaining NAMING OPPORTUNITIES.  Any questions or to discuss making a donation, please contact the Development Office (


February 2022 Construction Update


Since construction began approximately a month ago, progress to date has been very good:

  • An average of 55 workers are on the job each day; they’re working some Saturdays

  • Approximately 70% of the total 63 storm sewer drywells have been installed; the balance are stored on-site

  • Approximately 60% of the total 45 trees have been removed

  • The site demolition work (asphalt paving, concrete sidewalks, handball courts) is well advanced

  • The interior demolition work is completed in the chapel, and the east wing’s 1st floor slab is now being demolished

  • Footings work is in progress for the 3 elevators and west wing’s steel columns

  • The abatement work is 100% completed, including the east wing’s 2nd floor


January 2021 Construction Update


The project is now in full swing, everything is moving along very nicely. We’re averaging about 50 workers per day, Monday thru Saturday.

Some key activities:

  • The demolition work is making great progress on both the interior and exterior

  • the majority of the “labelled” trees have been removed

  • The St. Pius statue has been removed

  • temporary lighting is installed on the interior

  • the drywell operation (storm sewers) has begun

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