Various Programs of Giving

In the story of the Good Samaritan, Christ, in response to the young man who was trying to show how righteous he was, recounts how the Good Samaritan out of his great love and concern for his fellow man helped the person in need. Towards the end of the narrative, (Luke 10:30-37), Jesus states, “and the next day he (i.e., the Good Samaritan) took out two denarii (the denarius was a day’s wages for a laborer) and gave them to the innkeeper saying, ‘Take care of him and whatever more you spend, I will repay you when I come back’ …ending the entire narration with the exhortation “Go and do likewise”.

Throughout its history, St. Michael’s has been abundantly blessed with many Good Samaritans who out of their great love and concern for the elderly, have made it possible for the Home to care for those in need. Because of the generosity of those individuals, St. Michael’s is not only able to provide all residents with a level of care not found in other adult homes but also is able to admit those individuals whose only source of income is their meager Social Security check … over half of our residents are unable to pay the regular monthly boarding fee! What alternative would these elderly have if not for the magnanimity of our Good Samaritans who cover the cost of caring for the less fortunate. How diminished the quality of life would be for all our residents if not for the generosity of these friends.

Below are various programs of giving for those who in adherence to Christ’s commandment “Go and do likewise”; wish to follow the example of the Good Samaritan and offer of their treasures to take care of the elderly, thus showing themselves righteous in the eyes of God.

GENERAL DONATIONS – Contributions into the general operating account of St. Michael’s allow the Home to care for those elderly who cannot pay the usual boarding fee. Donations help the facility cover the day-to-day costs of caring for these individuals and also help enhance the quality of life for all residents. Approximately one quarter of the current operating budget of the Home is covered by general donations! Contributors of $5000 and above will be listed on the Home’s Donor Board.

“CLUB 1000” is a unique program of giving which entails an annual donation of $1000 for 5 years (a total contribution of $5000 – installments due on the anniversary of enrollment). Members’ names are included on the Home’s Donor Board and enrollment forms can be downloaded with this link, and at the end of this page.

RESTRICTED ENDOWMENT FUND consists of a specially segregated Fund established and maintained to assure the quality of care in the future. Contributions to the Fund are added to the principal which remains intact. Only the income generated is used to underwrite programs which greatly enhance the daily life of residents at the Home. Contributions of $5000 and above will be listed on the Home’s Donor Board.

BEQUESTS AND ESTATES – Individuals who have remembered St. Michael’s in their last “Will and Testament” will be remembered in prayer in the Chapel of the Home and their name will be included on the Donor Board for bequests of $5000 and above.

MEMORIAM GIFTS – Those who would like to pay tribute to the memory of their loved one may include the name of the deceased on the Home’s Memoriam Board as well as have them remembered in prayer.

Or, in lieu of flowers, a family may request that donations be made to St. Michael’s in memory of the deceased. The departed will be remembered in prayer and depending on the total of all memorial contributions, their name included on the Memoriam Board just outside our chapel.

Categories for Inclusion on the Memoriam Board

Benefactor $5,000 and above
Patron $2,500-$4,999
Sponsor $1,000-$2,499
Donor $500-$999

MATCHING GIFTS – St. Michael’s meets the criteria for eligibility of many companies as regards to their Matching Gift Program. When making a contribution to the Home, if your employer has such a program please include an application form. All contributions to St. Michael’s Home are tax exempt pursuant to section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Online donations can be made through Network for Good.

Download “CLUB 1000” Enrollment Form