Admission Process

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Criteria for Admission

The applicant must be of the Greek Orthodox Faith and women 62 or over and men 65 or over (an exception may be made by decision of the Board of Trustees). Because of its classification as an adult care facility, St. Michael’s is not permitted to accept nor keep any resident who requires continuous medical/skilled nursing care or who is not ambulatory. Admission is precluded for any individual whose behavior may prove to be substantially disruptive or dangerous to one’s self or to the lives of other residents or if the level of care they require is above the standards set by the state authorities.

The applicant at NO time will be asked to turn over his/her assets to the Home. On the first of every month, the resident submits the monthly Boarding Fee as established by the level of accommodation selected upon admission (private bedroom with bath, private bedroom with use of common bath and semi-private bedroom with use of common bath). Regardless of level, all residents receive the same high level of care and personal attention.

In some cases, applicants are unable to provide the boarding fee but NO ONE has been denied consideration simply because of the inability to pay. As a philanthropic institution, the Home makes accommodations for these individuals and subsidizes their stay with donations.

The admission process requires the submission of a completed application form along with a medical evaluation from the applicant’s physician and two recent photos. To assure compliance with State requirements, the Home has adopted an admission policy. This policy requires that each applicant be examined by a physician at St. Michael’s to determine if a candidate is appropriate for admission and that the Home is able to offer the necessary care. Without this physician’s verification, the facility cannot accept any applicant. Pending this approval, an admission date will be scheduled. ONLY in extenuating circumstances will an applicant be admitted the same day as the aforementioned examination. Before that time, the applicant or their representative will receive a booklet which includes pertinent information about admission.

To obtain an application/information packet or to schedule a tour of the facility, please call 914-476-3374.

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