Join Us in Building for our Elderly


Since 1958, St. Michael’s has been providing a loving and safe home for our elderly. A Home where our Faith is practiced, our culture is celebrated ad where our most vulnerable are protected and cared for.

We never want to turn away any Greek-American who needs our help, or to have to move an elderly resident in their most vulnerable moment, to another facility where no one knows them, their language, their culture, their religion, or their needs.

With our new multi-service facility, all the needs of our residents will be met on one campus, with one mission, with one direction. To do this, we must ask for the continued generous assistance of our supporters, who have always been there for our elderly in the past.

Now, more than ever, please give what you can, knowing that every dollar will go to helping the lives of our elderly Greek Americans, under the auspice of our Faith and culture.

For more information on donating to our Expansion fund,

please contact our Development Office at 914-327-3066

or by email at